Devexpress silverlight html viewer

This demo illustrates how to import and export contents of the DevExpress MVC HTML Editor. With the HTML Editor, you can import and export editor contents from/to various document formats, including: Rich Text .rtf) Office Open XML .docx) MIME HTML .mht) Open Document .odt) Plain Text .txt) Portable Document .pdf). Available for export only. HTML Editor Control for AJAX. ASPxHtmlEditor is a powerful HTML Text Editor for Regardless of the solution you need to build – be it a blog editor, an email client or a simple application for exchanging formatted documents within your company - you can drop the control onto a form and have instant access to a text editor with an intuitive user interface that resembles. DevExpress Silverlight Demos.

Devexpress silverlight html viewer

View this topic on HTML5 Document Viewer. This section describes the Web Document Viewer which supports HTML5/JS and is used to display an interactive document preview in WebForms applications. Quick Start. Add a Document Viewer to an existing application or create a new one using the Project Wizard. For Silverlight, the XtraReports Suite provides a DocumentViewer control, intended for publishing reports in Silverlight applications. The Document Viewer can also display a toolbar (a BarManager or a RibbonControl) that contains buttons for performing various operations on a document.. To show a report in a Document Viewer, add a DocumentViewer instance to your Silverlight application. DevExpress Silverlight Demos.Hi Currently we are using Silverlight report viewer inside our application to show reports. Chrome version 42 stop supporting Silverlight plugin. NET, Platform: Silverlight, Product: DXRichEdit for Silverlight, Type: Just wondering if there are any plans to release a HTML editor for. Do you think it is wise to begin to develop a silverlight application in view of the perspective offered by microsoft regarding the maintenance of.

see the video Devexpress silverlight html viewer

DevExpress Rich Edit: Mail Merge, time: 4:32
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and see this video Devexpress silverlight html viewer

WPF Spell Checker - Getting Started, time: 3:20
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